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Farewell to the candy toss

We greet the news that the candy toss will no longer be welcome at events such as the Carson Valley Days Parade and the Parade of Lights with heavy hearts.

The chance that something might happen has cost us more than the enjoyment of watching small children scramble to collect sweets from between the wheels of slow moving tractors.

Increased liability has forced the Carson Valley Food Closet to stop using members’ garages to store extra food, it’s reduced a number of activities that used to make Carson Valley a little bit out of sync with the rest of the world.

There was a time when all a volunteer firefighter needed to know was how to put on a set of turn-outs, drive a fire truck and to hook up the hoses to start pouring water on a fire.

We used to use firehoses to conduct fights for Carson Valley Days, but that went by the wayside a long time ago.

There used to be cow pasture boxing and target shooting in the old Genoa sandpit.

Heck, last year you could talk on your cell phone and drive, but no more.

There are a lot of things people could and would do over the last century that they no longer are allowed to do.

It’s part of living our lives based on what could happen instead of what has happened.

That’s a face of progress that we would just as soon stayed in the big cities.