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Farewell to Lira’s


It is with much sadness that I write this letter knowing that Saturday was the last day Lira’s Market in Minden was open. What a huge loss to this community. Perhaps what is most disconcerting is the fact that Douglas County has been working very hard on putting together an economic vitality program – the specifics of which were presented just three weeks ago.

This special board of county commissioner’s public meeting and presentation introduced to us 12 specific projects in three areas of focus: Education and innovation, outdoor recreation and lifestyle, and historic and distinctive downtowns.

This was an exciting and inspiring presentation introducing us to a wide variety of Douglas County residents and professionals that are coming together to contribute their skills, knowledge, and expertise in collaborative efforts to make Douglas County one of the best communities to live, work, and play. What an outstanding concept that is already experiencing action that will move it into a reality.

What does this have to do with Lira’s Market closing? It’s one of those unique businesses that make Minden a prime choice to live, in my opinion.

They are not just another grocery store. They offer healthy, fresh foods that are difficult to find anywhere else in this Valley – a number of selections ranging from fresh, organic produce to gluten-free foods and snacks. Their fresh meat market sported locally raised and processed meats.

The deli offered choices ranging from a fresh salad bar, delicious hot soups, to truly the best sandwich in town.

I’m really not an overly sensitive or emotional person, but the day I received the news (while checking out), my throat tightened, my stomach pitched, and my eyes moistened.

I love this market. It’s special, it’s unique, it’s local – it’s representative of what makes Minden one of the best communities to live, work, and play. It’s a tragedy that it’s closing!

This community has a great plan and focused energy on economic vitality and attracting new business – which will only be sustainable if we actively support and embrace these efforts.

So, while doing so, let’s not forget to share the love with the ones that are already here so they see value in staying.

Lynn McKissock