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Farewell ‘TeeCee’

Jamie and Marty Skaggs


We’d like to pay tribute to a wonderful woman, Theresa Starrh, who passed away Dec. 24, 2011. In 1987, Theresa blessed our family by coming to our house to care for our 9 month old baby. Thirteen months later, we had another baby for Theresa to love. She was always patient, kind, and cared for our children and house like an adoring grandmother. Our children affectionately called her “TeeCee.” She always came to work early, made breakfast and lunch for the babies, dressed them, played with them, and followed our discipline strategies. Never did we come home to a mess or disaster. She’d proudly take them to the senior center or into the grocery store. We always had peace of mind when we left our darlings with Theresa. When we moved to Smith Valley in 1993, we sure did miss our “TeeCee,” but it wasn’t long and both children were in school full-time. Through the years, we kept in touch with Theresa, but not as well as we would have liked. We’re so happy that she has passed into the Lord’s presence, out of earthly pain, but sad for those of us who remain here without her. We thank her family for sharing their “Bubba” with us and wish them comfort in their loss.