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Fall best time of year

John Hefner

Hello Johnson Laners,

Welcome to fall! This is a wonderful time of year here in our section of the valley. Gorgeous skies, wonderful evenings — we are so blessed to be here. Is it any wonder that visitors decide to stay and purchase homes? Unfortunately, the side affect is ever increasing prices for both purchase and rent. It also significantly increases the cost of building as I am finding out while I contemplate building a garage. Hopefully, once I figure out my direction it will be smooth sailing, but past experience tells me to brace for the impact.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the participants of the Troop 33 Car Show. We had more than 110 cars registered. The Scouts held two auctions and they did a great job. This was their fifth car show and I believe it will continue in the years to come. A big thank you to all the trophy sponsors, auction contributors, participants, parents and scouts. The mission is to send a Scout to camp, I believe that and more will be accomplished.

Recently I visited the Genoa Court House Museum with my wife and friends. If you have not visited them I encourage you to do so. There is a great exhibit on the Ferris Wheel and its inventor. You can even purchase a book about it for $1. I also purchased the book Minden, Nevada, The Story of a Unique Town 1906-1992 by Wynne M. Maule. It contains a lot of interesting facts of how Minden was the vision of Dangberg’s and the Dangberg Company. It explains how town was laid out based on the terminating leg of the V&T Railroad.

One factoid I learned was that the letters C.V.I.C stand for Carson Valley Improvement Club. This club was basically established for the improvement of Carson Valley like the name implies. They built the C.V.I.C hall and used it for dances, social events and for many years it was a theatre. It was also used as a gym. Prior to purchasing the book, I never knew what those initials represented. I still have a lot of reading to do but I think I got my dollars’ worth just based on that bit of knowledge.

Finally, I would ask you to consider saying a prayer for all those who have been struck by cancer. I lost my brother this past year at a young age; he was 50 and didn’t make it to his 51st birthday. It is no doubt a difficult situation to be in. Our own editor Kurt is currently in the battle. He displays great strength and courage by continuing to do his R-C Morning Report. If you didn’t know he puts the video up on the Record-Courier’s web and Facebook pages. Seeing him doing what he does best in a positive and generally humorous light is a daily morning treat. You should check it out. He makes me proud to be associated with this publication that has been around since 1880. He truly deserves every accolade.

Thank you for your time and reading my ramblings!

John Hefner is a Johnson Lane resident