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Facts disputed


I wonder where Steve Weissinger got the “fact” that “individuals are guaranteed the right to benefit economically from their property?”

Who is to guarantee that right and I wonder where they were when there was a downturn in the economy and I lost value in some properties?

It appears that in Douglas County it is the county commissioners when they bend over and change zoning to allow development in areas the had Master Plan designated for other uses.

There is a current example of a New Jersey Senator pulling out of the upcoming election because of ethics violations for doing favors for his major campaign contributors, some journalists called it taking bribes.

Public record shows that commissioners Weissinger and Miner owe a lot to the builders and developers which financed their campaigns.

I can only hope that Steve Weissinger will recuse himself from any decisions on zoning changes and if Don Miner is re-elected he will do the same. This will help protect their reputations as fair and honest politicians.

I would ask that all our elected officials remember that their duty is to all of the citizens, not just the ones that contribute to their re-election campaigns.

Harold Parks


Oct. 2