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FAA yearling receives new home

by Kylen Flannagan
Special to The R-C

The yearling that Douglas High School’s Equine Science class took care of and learned from for six months now has a new home.

Future Farmers of America reporter Kylen Flannagan was more than happy to adopt Zen. Kylen has three other horses that get along with Zen great. One of the main concerns with keeping Zen at the high school was that she didn’t have any other horses to play with.

Kylen has been continuing her training and has made Zen her supervised agricultural experience project for the animal science/vet medicine class she will be taking with Allyson Lammiman her senior year. A SAE project is something that all agriculture students have to take on. They have to keep track of the SAE project in a record book which includes a budget, hours devoted to the project and pictures.

Kylen has been taking Zen on walks teaching her personal space and respect. She’s also been getting her used to her legs and feet being played with. Kylen’s goals with Zen is to get her comfortable with her feet being picked up and played with, teach her to always respect the person handling her, get her comfortable with loading into the trailer and to slowly get her used to having pressure on her back.

Kylen has learned through the time that she has spent with her that Zen is extremely smart and very curious; she always wants to explore new territory, and figure things out.

“I’m excited to see the great horse she will grow into,” Kylen said.