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Expect Wheeler to have principles


Jim Wheeler represents the kind of politician I try to avoid at all costs. I don’t want a politician who will listen to his “squeaky wheel” constituency and vote the way he “thinks” they want him to. I want a politician to apply his or her principles to every issue and to vote accordingly. That’s the trust I put in him when I voted for him.

In his speech before the Storey County Republican Central Committee, he stated that he was hired to do “what the people want me to do.” That’s so wrong. If a group of people on what I would consider to be the wrong side of an issue petitioned him to vote a certain way, it sounds like he would vote with them even though he doesn’t believe in their cause. That is wrong on every level.

This nonsensical media blow-up about his slavery comment is clouding the real issue, but I wouldn’t have learned about his views on voting principles unless they did that. So, media, you got my attention and perhaps without realizing it, showed Jim Wheeler to me as a politician I could never vote for again.

Judy Johnson