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Examples, please?


On Nov. 13, Lorrene Palmer, president of the Douglas County Republican Women, wrote an opinion letter consisting of five paragraphs, touching on several subjects. Among other things, I was shocked to read her say: “Why is it OK for any religion but Christianity to be celebrated? Christians are citizens of this country. As a matter of fact, all the arguments made about church and state are twisted today.” I did not realize that it wasn’t “OK” to celebrate Christianity inasmuch as there are both radio and television stations devoted exclusively to Christian programming. Nor was I aware that church and state arguments are “twisted today.” To what arguments is Ms. Palmer referring? I am at a loss, inasmuch as she offered no examples to support either of her assertions.

I would welcome the opportunity to become educated on this sad state of affairs. I assume that there are others, like me, who were not aware that it wasn’t “OK” to celebrate Christianity and that church/state arguments are now “twisted.” Therefore, in order to help us to understand how this came to be, I urge Ms. Palmer to write another letter documenting how this tragedy occurred. Perhaps she can draw our attention to the specific U.S. Supreme Court cases in which it was decreed that it is not “OK” to celebrate Christianity or in which the church/state arguments have been “twisted.”

In addition, Ms. Palmer also informs us that “nowhere is it written in the Constitution that God may not be mentioned.” This I know to be absolutely correct because the word “God” itself never appears anywhere in the Constitution. Therefore, while nowhere does the Constitution state that God may not be mentioned, neither does the Constitution state that God should be mentioned, because the Constitution is absolutely silent on this particular matter.

I look forward to Ms. Palmer’s showing us the light, the truth and the American Way. Please, Ms. Palmer, I, and others like me, are waiting with baited breath.

Jeffrey L. Russell