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Enough already!


Enough of the “Randy Green” issue already! Allowing a guest editorial by his daughter made it clear where the editorial board of The Record-Courier stands, so I was surprised but heartened to read the letter (Jan. 13) from Sanford Deyo, whose views accurately reflect my own.

As a former headmaster of independent schools, I have successfully had teacher representatives serve on boards, but it is not a management concept I recommend. That the practice has had some success is attributable to the qualities of the individual representatives and a positive school climate, something that is lacking in Douglas County schools. Given that a former teacher is seated on the board, I would hope he brings to the table his personal perspective as a teacher and not see himself as a spokesperson for the teachers as a group.

Board members are expected to represent the entire school community as opposed to a single interest group. From what I have seen, the Douglas County teacher’s union is so polarized against the board and administration that a conflict of interest – were one of their own to serve on the board -is unavoidable. Plus, it is illegal!

Let’s put this issue to rest and, in the words of the school board, “Let the healing begin.” It was interesting reading for awhile, but I’m tired of it.

Jim Ambrose


Jan. 13