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Emergency communication proves valuable

by Marylin Portman

Antelope Valley Information System (AVIS) has been on the air at AM 1610 since 1997 to provide a viable and reliable method of emergency communication in our isolated rural community.

Conceived after the floods of 1997, it took nearly two years to convince the local community and garner support through local fundraising to make the concept a reality. Close to $10,000 and lots of volunteer hours finally resulted in our own local transmitter.

Even with low power and limited coverage, AVIS fulfills its objective and can be received in most areas of Antelope Valley. The system proved its mettle during the tragic Cannon Fire of 2002, but it also has been active in numerous incidents both before and since.

More than 99 percent of the time, AVIS is used as a community non-profit bulletin board.

The biggest challenge is to keep the community aware and practiced in receiving AVIS broadcasts. Antelope Valley residents are encouraged to find AVIS on their personal AM radios (home, portable and auto) now so that they can become familiar with what type of reception they have.

The transmitter broadcasts 24 hours a day and the information is usually on a recorded loop of less than seven minutes. The repetition and audio quality obviously does not come close to commercial radio stations, but that is not its purpose.

AVIS is turned over to emergency service personnel during critical situations when information and updates are needed to be transmitted to the local public.

Critical information and updates can be immediately put on by AVIS as needed. Road closures, severe weather, fires or floods are just some of the disasters you could be warned of if you tune into your local information system.

AVIS is also sponsored by your own Antelope Valley Volunteer Fire Department and has received support from local clubs and various individuals.

At the recent RPAC meeting, many of the people present were concerned about lack of communication from the various Mono County departments. AVIS is an excellent method already available and waiting to be utilized. Take responsibility for yourselves and be informed and prepared in case of emergency.

If you have something you would like to post on AVIS of broad community interest or would like to visit the station, contact Mark or Doris Spencer at 495-9150.

Antelope Valley PTO says thank you

The Antelope Valley PTO would like to thank all the individuals and companies that donated to our Dec. 3 Holiday Open House raffle, and announce the winners:

1. Starbuck’s assorted coffee basket – Dyanna Hernandez

2. Black & Decker power drill donated by Lowe’s – Linda Penfield

3. Les Schwab Tire rotation and balance – Karen Etnyre

4. Ross $25 gift card – Julie Fowler

5. $25 gift card from Baby Willows – Karen Etnyre

6. It’s Educational $25 gift card – Christina Lowe

7. Smith’s Food and Drug $25 gift card – Holly Carver

8. The Italian Basket donated by the 4th grade class – Lena Richardson

9. Tastefully Simple basket donated by Angie Laughlin – Marylin Portman

10. My Favorite Things embroidered purse donated by Karen Etnyre – Lena Richardson

11. My Favorite Things beaded and embroidered wallet donated by Karen Etnyre – Neoma Hoffman

12. I’m Baking Cookies basket donated by 7th grade class – Neoma Hoffman

13. Cookie Lee jewelry donated by Angela Cupit – Neoma Hoffman

14. The Body Shop assorted basket donated by Tamra Sheline – Kathy Padgett

15. Princess House basket and calendar donated by Lena Richardson – Angie Laughlin

16. Melaluca assorted basket donated by Angie Laughlin and Lena Richardson – Devon Ice

17. Mary Kay basket donated by Tina Santoro – Lanette Vannoy

18. Lone Eagle Trader’s jewelry donated by Debi Smith – Dan Wall

19. One night stay and breakfast for two at the Carson Valley Inn – BJ Wilson

20. Photography session at the Red Barn Photography Studio donated by Michelle Tems – Sheri Hardy

21. A Night at the Movies basket donated by Kindergarten class – Dan Wall

22. Warm Drinks basket donated by 2nd grade class – Marylin Portman

23. Christmas Scrapbooking Basket donated by Michelle Tems – Heather Disbro

24. A Night at the Movies basket donated by Kindergarten class – Kelly Barajas

25. Romantic Evening Basket donated by 5th grade class – Penni Curti

26. LaSalsa basket donated by 3rd grade class – Nancy Frye

27. Spa Basket donated by the 6th grade class – Kendra Vannoy

28. Book Lovers basket – Julie Fowler

29. Body & Earth Spa Basket – BJ Wilson

30. Dog Treats and toy with Christmas Stockings donated by Micki Joye – Christina Lowe

31. Pop’s Galley $25 gift certificate – Mindy Nelson

32. Pop’s Galley $25 gift certificate – BJ Wilson

33. $25 gift certificate to the Bridgeport Inn – Linda Penfield

34. Virginia Creek Settlement $25 gift certificate – Mindy Nelson

35. Virginia Creek Settlement $25 gift certificate – Nancy Frye

36. Etched pitcher donated by the Vannoy family – Kathy Padgett

37. Photo album donated by Tonya Martin – Dyanna Hernandez

38. $25 gift card to Holbrook Mini Mart – Mindy Nelson

39. Arts and Crafts Basket donated by the 1st grade class – Tina Santoro

40. Party Lite Basket donated by Holly Carver – Sheri Hardy

41. Bird Feeder donated by Carson Valley Garden & Ranch – Angie Laughlin

42. Heart Warming Creations Basket donated by Tiffani Ferguson – Angie Laughlin

43. Cappuccino Basket donated by Tina Santoro – Julie Dawson

44. Marine Corps Basket donated by Tina Santoro – BJ Wilson

Pastor Jefferey Quinn of the Methodist church

“We would like to thank everyone in our valley who have joined us at our Sunday worship services.

This has been a very rewarding year for our little church. Among many other activities we have sent two hundred shoe boxes full of items for needy children around the world.

We also delivered Thanksgiving baskets with turkeys to needy families in our area. Thanks to the generosity of our growing congregation we have been able to install a new lighting and audio system in our church.

For all of this and more we are very thankful and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Walter Senior Center introduces Nancy Galt

Nancy Galt, a new Walter resident, will be singing a variety of songs at the Walker Senior Center Chrismas lunch on Tuesday, Dec 20. Pork roast with all the trimmings is on the menu and everyone is welcome. Please call for reservations at 495-2323 for a nice lunch and some great entertainment.