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Electorate too easily swayed by politicians


Prior to 1917, the senators in Washington, D.C. were appointed by each states legislature and sent to represent and defend their respective state from the long arm of the government. Each state knew and trusted the people they were sending, and that made it difficult for Washington to gain a foothold into the workings and business of every state.

Well, we’ll just change things so the senators will be elected by the easily swayed population, then the senator will be subjected to the wishes of government rather than influenced by the state.

The current scoundrels are but a continuation of those of yesteryear. We seem to vote for the name that is flashed before us the most.

Or we may vote for the person we “feel” has the most experience.

And, therein lies the problem. We the people wrongfully assume that the “experience” means a thorough knowledge of our Constitution, and a sincere effort to adhere to his/her oath of office.

Sorry to say that does not seem to be the case.

Experience to them means climbing the rungs of the entrenched ladder to reach the plateau of the “good ole boy” system which allows them most of what life has to offer, while voting to have “you” pay for it, while depriving you of the same.

After all, those in government have nothing to support their life until they first take the means of support from you. If everything you just read is wrong, then our children and grandchildren just might have a chance at freedom and liberty to pursue their dreams.

But our Constitution is a big thorn in the side of an all-powerful government that wishes to control every aspect of your life. And as they try to tell us almost daily that the Constitution is old and outdated, it, along with its Bill of Rights, have made possible the most advanced technology and freedom of life the world has ever known.

Those we have voted for and appointees we do not know have been successful in silencing the voice of the people. If your thoughts reflect Christianity, or conservatism, and oppose the liberal socialist scoundrels in local, state, or national government, there is no end to the blasphemy cast upon you.

You have no right to display or defend your Christian religion.

You have no right to work to save your country from the despots. You have no right to call attention to the treasonist traitors in our government.

You have no right to utter dislike for those who lie, steal, and deprive you of your liberties. You have no right to dislike those who have demonstrated that they would like us dead.

It was suggested by a now famous man, that his people be not judged by the color of their skin, but rather by the content of their character. And “that” is how it should be. But don’t you dare reject the content of the less than honest character.

So much for freedom of speech. You are financing your own destruction, and are too uneducated to realize it.

William Barwig