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Election season is here now

We’d like to say we’re on the cusp of the 2012 election season, but we’re hip deep in it now and there’s no going back.

As the Republican road show for president shifts over to the real deal, party faithful are preparing for caucuses over the next few weeks and the first candidate has stepped over the line and into the fray.

Filing for office is open until Jan. 13 for East Fork and Tahoe Township justices of the peace. Candidates for nonjudicial offices will have to wait until March 5 to file for office, so we’ll have to survive on the presidential race until then.

Nevada Republicans will be doing things differently at their caucus compared to four years ago, when Mitt Romney took the straw poll, but did not get the state’s delegates.

Those delegates will be portioned out based on the percentage of votes they get at the Feb. 4 caucus and precinct meetings.

That’s something that could contribute to Nevada’s importance in the process, depending on what happens in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.

Democrats aren’t under the same pressure this winter, since their candidate is president, and there doesn’t seem to be any desire on their part to replace him.

With a presidential race, and a majority of the county commission and the school board in the balance, we anticipate an exciting election year both at the local and national levels.