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Election letters

With the likelihood that the Douglas County commissioner races will be determined in the June primary, we need to set forth some rules for the letters to the editor page.

Senate Bill 499 altered the primary rules so that if two or more candidates from the same party seek a partisan office, only one will appear on the ballot in November. Barring a legal challenge, that means the county race will be over in June.

Candidates will only get one letter per election. We assume that letter after the primary on the commission side will be a thank-you letter, but that’s not up to us. Generally, we suggest candidates reserve that letter to answer accusations, but we’re not in charge of telling people what to write about.

Letters are 500 words, which is plenty of room for candidates or anyone else to express their preference in the election.

We’re interviewing candidates for county commission and school board. As important as we believe the town and district boards are, those may have to wait.

Candidates will have an opportunity to speak directly to voters in The R-C’s election guide, which will be published before early voting begins on May 28.

We really don’t have to encourage people to support their favorite candidates or issues, since that’s already happening.

The Record-Courier doesn’t endorse candidates, and we feel like we bend over backwards to be fair to folks who are running. But sometimes we miss something, and we rely on our readers to call us out on it. All we ask, is that people remember that we all have to live together when the election is over.