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Election incoming

With less than six weeks to go before early voting starts in the November election, it has been relatively quiet on the political front in Carson Valley.

We’re looking at five contested local races on the ballot, with the two school board seats providing the only countywide contests.

All eyes in the nation are on how Nevadans vote at the top of the ticket, where the presidency and a U.S. Senate seat are in play.

The results of those two races will certainly make headlines.

That’s not to say the people who are running for East Fork Swimming Pool District, Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District and Minden Town Board aren’t important.

Decisions made at these three boards could well affect residents’ lives in ways that people at the top of the ticket couldn’t.

That’s the thing in Douglas County, there are all sorts of boards and districts that it takes folks a while to figure out who’s in charge of what.

If you want water in the town of Minden, you go to the town offices, but you have to sign up with MGSD to flush that water down a toilet.

If you want water in Gardnerville, the town can’t help you, because the Gardnerville Water Co. handles all that.

The interlocking governments can be confusing, but their purpose was to keep those responsible for providing services close to those receiving them. And because they have elected boards, those subject to the various authorities have some say in how they’re treated.

We agree it’s not a perfect system, but it’s not too bad for government work.