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Election Day brings plenty of drama

It’s still Tuesday in The R-C’s newsroom and we have only a few things we know about the 2014 primary election.

The first thing we know is that there are several nonpartisan candidates who pretty much won their races the minute the first ballot was cast.

School board trustees Ross Chichester and Tom Moore will be joined by Robbe Lehman on Jan. 1 when they are sworn in. Douglas County District judges Michael Gibbons and Tod Young will also take their seats on the bench without opposition.

The same can’t be said in the sheriff’s race where two opponents are challenging Sheriff Ron Pierini for his position. There was also a horse race for Assembly District 39 between Assemblyman Jim Wheeler and his opponent Robin Reedy.

Dollars aren’t votes, but both Pierini and Reedy had well-financed campaigns. Whether that translates into victory will be determined by voters.

Most observers agree that turnout in this election will be shockingly low. Even the most civic-minded counties will see around 30 percent of the electorate casting a ballot. That’s too bad. We feel that there has been at least some drama on all sides in Douglas County’s ballot.

The cattle call for governor and House of Representatives is confusing some voters, but locally, the race for sheriff is one everyone could vote in. A fight over the lieutenant governor’s nomination could prove critical, especially if Gov. Brian Sandoval seeks Sen. Harry Reid’s senate seat in 2016.

Election season isn’t over in Douglas County by a longshot, and there’s still some excitement in the state races to come.