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Election crunch time here

The expectation that the U.S. Post Office will perfectly deliver nearly 38,000 sample and regular ballots might have been a tad exaggerated.

As we learned recently, some folks didn’t even get sample ballots they were mailed up to two weeks ago.

On Tuesday, a Sunridge man found a neighbor’s ballot in his cluster box, which he said he will deliver to the person he’s never met.

People get other people’s mail all the time, and we agree that ballots require extra care, which is why they’re being treated as First Class Mail.

And while someone could try to vote using someone else’s ballot, just as they could go to a polling place and claim to be someone else, the attempt is likely to cause them more trouble than the benefit.

Unlike the grocery store or the bank, someone actually looks at the signature on a ballot and compares it to the one on record.

In the primary, 535 ballots required signature cures, which included instances where people’s signatures didn’t match or were missing.

That signature comparison is the exact same system that was used in the 2018 Election and we never heard a word.

But how do voters know their ballot was received?

Well, there’s an app for that. Known as Ballottrax, you can sign up through the govotedouglas.com and track where your ballot is in the system.

With ballots starting to roll in, it’s time for The R-C to shut up and leave the debate to our readers. We only have four more opinion sections before the Nov. 3 election. The last edition to submit letters containing new issues is Oct. 22. After that, we encourage letters that support issues or candidates.

Good luck.