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Editorial: Tuesday’s the day

staff reports

For Douglas County voters, the primary ballot is short and sweet. There may be few candidates up for election Tuesday, but there should be no lack of interest in the outcome.

In the past few years, apathy has eroded the county’s usual strong showing at election time.

The primary is an early indicator of how the general election will play out. If there is an overwhelming majority for one candidate over the others, you can pretty well guess what’s going to happen on Nov. 7.

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; hundreds of voters already have taken advantage of early voting over the past two weeks.

To the candidates who have put themselves on the line to run for office, we say thank you. Because of your willingness to serve, you provide us with choices at the polling place.

Throughout history, there have been many examples of political races being decided by a handful of votes, or less.

According to county Clerk-Treasurer Barbara Reed, one vote in each precinct of three states would have put Richard Nixon in the White House instead of John Kennedy. Closer to home, Douglas County voted out an incumbent commissioner by five votes in the 1980s. After the election, people told the incumbent they thought he had the election all wrapped up, or they would have voted for him.

We’re here to encourage you to vote. It’s your opportunity – and responsibility – to have an impact on the school district, state school board, Nevada Supreme Court and U.S. congressional races.

As taxpayers, you’re footing the bills; we think you would want a say in who gets the job.