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Editorial: Thanks to Minden Medical Center liaison board

by staff

Their name changed, their focus changed and the Minden Medical Center Liaison Board has decided it’s time for a changing of the guard.

The liaison board has chosen to disband rather than continue to operate under the new direction the Minden Medical Center is taking. Carson-Tahoe Hospital, which still owns the building, will lease the medical center to a group of doctors.

Residents of Carson Valley owe a big thank-you to the members of the board – in existence for 18 years to look out for the community’s health interests. The board was formed when the former Carson-Tahoe Hospital urgent care center first opened at Stratton Center in the early 1980s.

Hospital trustees accepted the resignations Thursday, a month after the liaison board voted to disband. Liaison board members have said they felt their mission was to focus more on health care than profitability.

In the last three years – through the planning stages and the opening of the new MMC – Carson-Tahoe Hospital profits for the new facility have taken a nose dive. Going from a shopping center urgent care to a stand-alone medical building has proved costly.

Somewhere along the line, the focus changed. While liaison board members looked first at health care, they acknowledged profits are now the top priority. Hospital trustee Pete Livermore affirmed that profit will have to be a consideration for any new advisory board the hospital installs.

The hospital, which still owns the medical center, hopes to create a new advisory board of Douglas County residents at the trustees’ meeting next month. If you are interested in participating, plan on attending next month’s meeting in Carson City.

The outgoing liaison board set the standard, guarding community interests for almost 20 years. Their contributions were many and they will be missed.