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Editorial: Students don’t have time to wait

by staff

How can it be after six years that there is anyone on the planet – much less Douglas County School District teachers – who says they haven’t had the opportunity to be involved in the strategic plan?

That was the complaint Tuesday at the Board of Trustees meeting which followed an afternoon of picketing by teachers frustrated at working without a contract or any noticeable progress in negotiations.

We can’t think of a school board meeting since 1994 that hasn’t devoted a big part of the agenda to discussion and implementation of the strategic plan. Every January, the board meets for two days to revise the plan, then again in March to put those revisions into play.

But some teachers indicated Tuesday they haven’t had adequate training to be able to teach the new requirements of the plan.

We have to inquire as to the kind of communication – or lack thereof – that must be going on within the district if this comes as news to administrators when teachers say they don’t have the time or opportunity to attend training to implement the strategic plan.

Teachers, if you feel the district isn’t making your responsibilities clear, ask for help. Talk to your principal or district competency coordinator Cris Etchegoyhen.

No one disputes that the meeting the new graduation reqirements is a lot of work. The fact is, they are in place and required by state law. If you feel the process isn’t working, get involved.

There is not much time. Our 10th graders are required to meet the competencies before they can graduate in 2002.

In any workplace, employees need to feel they have the tools to do their jobs and the freedom to ask for them. As elementary as this sounds, communication is the key.

The teachers keep complaining that nobody is listening to them, that the school trustees and administrators don’t respect them. There is talk by board members of creating a teachers’ forum to improve communication.

The teachers don’t need a forum, they need a contract.

The infighting between teachers and the district is chipping away at whatever sympathy the public has for either side.