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Editorial: Let deceivers answer to the man in the mirror

by staff

The East Fork Swimming Pool District Board is doing the right thing by taking patrons who claim disabilities at their word.

Sure, the policy may attract people whose “disabilities” involve nothing more than questionable integrity, and it may be tough for the staff at the Carson Valley Swim Center to grit their teeth and smile if they know someone is taking advantage of the taxpayer-funded facility.

But for the truly disabled, low-cost access to the swim center may be the difference between interaction and inactivity. Weeding out 10 questionable discount-seekers might not be worth cutting off even one legitimate claim.

And, with an average of only two adults claiming the discount per day, it’s probably not worth stewing over.

Besides, the swim center is not the only place in town to experience dishonesty. People deceitful enough to demand discounts they don’t deserve are probably the same ones who are parking in the disabled spaces without placards, sneaking their teenagers into theaters on the children’s rate and stealing cable from their neighbors.

The victim, as the reasoning goes, is faceless, so the transgression is OK.

Let them answer, as board member Suzy Stockdale says, to the guy in the mirror.