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Editorial: Come armed with ideas to March 23 meeting

by staff

Class, what have we learned this week from the campus smoking/crosswalk issue?

We learned that as a community we face several challenges.

We learned that, according to DHS Principal Bev Jeans, 40 percent of our Douglas High School students smoke – that’s nearly 600 children out of a student body population of 1,431.

We learned that somehow these children who are too young to legally buy cigarettes have unlimited access to their favorite brands.

We learned that most of the thinking population views smoking as a disgusting, filthy, dangerous habit.

We learned that in no way should smoking be condoned by providing an area on campus to keep student smokers from crossing Highway 88.

We learned that the crosswalk in front of the high school is dangerous, that deliberately sauntering students provide potential targets for a driver’s pent-up road rage.

We learned that many people have an opinion on the subject.

We learned that long before this issue surfaced, the Community Action Team – a coalition of students, law enforcement officers, parents and other community members – has been working diligently and successfully to bring solutions to the DHS campus.

What we hope is that all the people who have been fired up by the issue will bring their ideas to the next Community Action Team meeting on March 23, 2:30 p.m., at the Douglas High School library, so that as a community we can come up with a reasonable solution.