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Early caucus helps voter turnout

We hope that Nevada’s First in the West caucus helps encourage voters to participate, but are they really a better way to select a presidential candidate?

The good news is that Nevadans are being wooed by the candidates. We’ve had a few candidates and their surrogates here in Carson Valley a couple of times, though it has so far been nothing like the run-up to 2008. That year saw New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson announce his campaign in Minden and a year later saw former President Clinton stumping for Hillary. The 2008 caucus was held a month earlier than this year’s.

This year, Nevada’s Democratic caucus is Feb. 20, the same day as South Carolina’s Republican primary. Nevada Republicans will have their caucus and presidential preference poll to themselves on Feb. 23. Super Tuesday is March 1, this year, which means a week after Nevada Republicans weigh in, a slight majority of states will have made their pick.

Hillary Clinton was the anointed one in 2008, too. And yet, she lost Douglas, the nomination and the presidency.

Mitt Romney was a favorite among Nevadans and went on to take the nomination.

It shows you can never tell what’s going to happen during an election, no matter how many billionaires are out there buying votes.

That’s why participation is critical, whether it means going to a precinct meeting, or casting a ballot in the primary or general election.

Douglas County residents have a reputation for participating in their government. We don’t expect this year to be any different.