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Eagle watchers arrive

We can think of no better blend to bring visitors to Carson Valley than the combination of agriculture and raptors that this week’s Eagles and Ag event provides.

The eagles are great ambassadors for the Valley, giving people an opportunity to see the national bird in something resembling the wild.

Tours of area ranches not only provide visitors and residents an opportunity to see behind the fences, but to learn about Carson Valley’s agricultural heritage.

Folks who work the land value their daylight hours, and find that the political battle to keep agriculture viable in Carson Valley sometimes interferes with keeping agriculture viable.

But in a single weekend, Valley ranchers have an opportunity to explain their way of life to people in person.

It is the Valley’s ranchers who keep much of the land that is not under a house under cultivation, to be more precise, keeping it green.

Those green fields do more than provide backdrops to pretty pictures. They refresh the aquifer we all drink from. They keep the Valley 3 degrees cooler than the cities. They provide us with a valuable link to our agrarian past.

The folks who come to Carson Valley this weekend to participate in Eagles and Ag will go home with a better understanding of who we are and what we do down in Douglas County, and perhaps a better understanding of what it means to be Nevadans.