Douglas not easy to navigate |

Douglas not easy to navigate

One of the many mazes people navigate in Douglas County is knowing just who provides what service at any given time.

With a score of different governmental bodies maintaining roads, finding out who to call for a pothole can require a substantial amount of research.

The recent closure of Tillman Lane is a classic example. One wag decided to blame the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District for the damage to the road.

However, that road is not the district’s. It is a county road. That’s not to say all the roads in the Ranchos are pristine, though they are in pretty good shape, just that Tilman doesn’t come under that district’s purview.

Minden, Gardnerville, Topaz Ranch Estates, Indian Hills, Kingsbury Grade, and even Genoa, have specific road responsibilities.

Anyone who has recently experienced the transition from Foothill Road to Jacks Valley Road can attest that the former’s in OK shape while the latter is in a shambles.

Again, the state of the road is a clear indication of a change in responsibilities for its care.

It’s not just roads. Minden and Gardnerville both collect trash in the town boundaries, while a county franchisee handles the rest of the county. Minden provides water, Gardnerville doesn’t. Both care for some parks in their boundaries, but not all parks are town parks.

The Ranchos offers water and sewer connections, but that sewage is processed by someone else. The Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District also serves the twin towns.

The county offers water and sewer service in places, but is not the largest purveyor of those services by a longshot.

Each of the above mentioned places has its own elected board and tax rate in place.

There’s the suggestion that perhaps other portions of the county would benefit if Douglas absorbed these entities.

While that might be true, we get the feeling that if there was a real effort to take over these entities, folks who benefit might put up a fight.