Douglas loves recycling |

Douglas loves recycling

The news that Douglas Disposal is planning a pilot curbside recycling program drove a lot of internet traffic on Facebook this week.

The link posted on Tuesday was shared 29 times and reached 9,000 people by Thursday on Facebook, or nearly twice the R-C’s circulation.

Douglas residents recycle more than any other county in Nevada by a far piece.

With a recycling rate of 62.3 percent, was pretty much double the next highest rate in 2015.

Helping with that are operations like Craig Witt’s Full Circle Compost, or the biodiesel operation, but a large portion of the county’s recycling is done by its residents.

Maybe it’s a little of the pioneer spirit that had to make do or do without.

With bins available across the county for the most common recyclables and a recycling center that pretty much takes everything and the kitchen sink, residents have been bringing the heat all on their lonesome.

Imagine what they could do with a proper curbside recycling program?

Next year’s pilot program in the Gardnerville Ranchos will be free to those participants while the company determines the demand for the program and what it will cost.

Which means that when it is implemented, the program might carry an additional expense. Since Douglas Disposal’s services are regulated by the county, that’s who will ultimately decide if the program is worth expanding.

We hope that it pencils out so that the county and its residents can help keep Douglas County beautiful.