Douglas jurors aren’t pushovers for prosecutors |

Douglas jurors aren’t pushovers for prosecutors

Record Courier Staff Reports

While we’ve been diligent in keeping up with the news in the murder proceedings against Karen Bodden, we are a little surprised by the claim that pretrial publicity will make it impossible for her to get a fair jury in Douglas County.

Bodden was arrested more than a year ago after her husband, Robin, a well-known aircraft mechanic was found dead in the desert above Johnson Lane.

Bodden’s no stranger to publicity. She told a Las Vegas television station in 2004 that lots of employees at the Department of Motor Vehicles stole money. She was on probation for stealing $46,000 while at her job in Carson City.

Douglas County authorities took her into custody in September 2006 for allegedly violating that probation.

They believe she siphoned off money from her husband’s business and it was the discovery of that theft that led to his death.

While there is a lot of suspicion, even prosecutors admit they are short on hard evidence Bodden killed her husband.

And as we occasionally find ourselves reminding our readers, a person is innocent until proven guilty, which is something Douglas County jurors traditionally take very seriously as proven by two recent acquittals in major cases.

We can guarantee her defense attorneys that if there is one place where their client can expect a fair trial, it is in a Douglas County courtroom.