Douglas High School students showcase talent in new musical |

Douglas High School students showcase talent in new musical

by Chrissy McLaughlin
R-C Intern

“There’s Something in the Water,” a new musical at Douglas High School, is to be performed the first two weekends of March.

This musical has been completely created by Douglas High students, and is about five patients in a mental hospital and their doctor.

“I went to the International Competition for Thespians this year, and I got to see the best of the best of all the high school productions,” director and writer Kaitlyn Auxier said. “And I really wanted to be able to put on a production that amazing, but due to budget cuts we didn’t have the funding to do a musical, so I just decided to take it upon myself to write ‘There’s Something in the Water.'”

Auxier also referred to the other students helping produce the musical. All of the music was composed by Sedona Schat. Hannah Maxwell and Chani Frazier choreographed contemporary routines that are anticipated to be intense.

Makayla Mattinson was also involved with the choreography as the dance captain, and the responsibility of costume designer belongs to Layne Stephens. Auxier additionally mentioned stage manager Cheyenne Fisher, otherwise known as, “the right-hand man of the show.”

“Everything else is student-written or student-acted,” Auxier said. “Everybody is putting their all into this musical.”

Douglas High’s drama teacher Amy Sando was very supportive of the production.

“It was such an ambitious vision and these kids are pulling it off,” she said. “I am so proud of them.”

Although the students are struggling with budget cuts to the drama program, they continue to work avidly to create this musical. In fact, their energy and motivation has not gone unnoticed by other students.

“We have had two student directors already this year, and students have come to me wanting to direct next year,” Sando said. “I want the community to know what a student-centered program we have that allows them to develop their creative interests beyond the stage spotlight.”

Last year was the first time that the drama program featured a student-written and directed play (“Beautiful I Am” written and directed by Elspeth Summersgill), and “There’s Something in the Water” will be a welcome addition to this student-centered program.

“It’s different,” Auxier said. “It’s not like any other musical that’s been done before. It really has its own flare.”