Douglas High of the future |

Douglas High of the future

Call it Douglas High School version 3.0.

Douglas High’s Class of 2019 will be the first collection of students to start and end their high school careers in the same place since rapid growth forced their predecessors to decamp for the middle schools in 1994.

That was the result of a plan to reduce the cost of expanding Douglas High School, or heaven forbid building a new high school, and was concocted by a citizens committee in 1992.

After getting a bond passed and building Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School, along with two new elementary schools, that committee saw its work succeed until the increase in student population turn into a decrease in the early part of this century.

With the decline in student population leveling off, we might have found an equilibrium that will make spending $17 million on the renovation of Douglas High’s Minden campus make sense into the future.

We don’t know what wonders or challenges the class of 2019 will experience in the future.

But as a community, we’ve done our best to make sure they have a roof over their heads and room to learn into the future.

If this set of improvements lasts as long as the last set, we should have a school to be proud of for another 20 years.