Douglas grad wins Chile’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ |

Douglas grad wins Chile’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’

by Caryn Haller

For 28-year-old Wil Orrock, success is all in his feet.

The Douglas High School graduate recently won the Chilean version of “Dancing with the Stars” after eight seasons on the show.

Orrock said he and his celebrity partner, Ximena Diaz, jumped with excitement when their names were announced.

“She has talent that was for sure. We worked as a team. We trained six hours a day, everyday for four months,” he said. “She was the best partner I’ve had since 2008.”

This season’s competition focused on overweight stars, and how they used dancing and diet to lose weight. Diaz lost 52 pounds.

“That’s probably one of the coolest things I can do as a dancer and dance teacher to help get people back to a normal way of life,” Orrock said. “If I can keep them around a little longer through dance then I feel like I did what I was supposed to do.”

Orrock has been living in Santiago, Chile for 10 years and returned to the states in December with his dance partner, Constanza Donoso Soura, to participate in the Reno Bachata Congress Jan. 6-9.

The following weekend, Orrock and his partner traveled to Texas, to perform at the Houston Salsa Congress.

A Congress is a workshop for dance students put on by professionals in the field. Orrock was the only professional performer invited from outside the country.

“I thought it was such an honor,” he said. “I had been doing so many shows out of the country that it was nice to be recognized by the top people in Bachata and Salsa dance styles.”

After 10 years of making a living as a dancer Orrock predicts he has at least another 15 years ahead of him.

“Dancing is a fruitful career. It’s very time consuming, but if you really like it, it’s worth it. I like how I’m free to express myself on stage. I love my job,” Orrock said. “I’ll probably dance until I’m 95. You can compete as a senior until you’re 85.”

When he decides to stop dancing professionally, Orrock wants to do marketing or public relations for dance companies. He said he was also thinking about opening his own dance academies all over the world.

“Before I do that I want to travel the world, and continue working on television series,” he said. “There are lots of things I want to do before I say ‘hey, no more.'”

Orrock is back in Chile now teaching dance, hosting workshops and looking forward to the next season of “Dancing with the Stars.”