Douglas County continues to prosper |

Douglas County continues to prosper

by Steve Weissinger

As we move forward into the Year 2000, Douglas County residents are encouraged to remain involved in issues and events that will continue to shape our community. From my perspective, quality of life issues such as the completion of Kahle Park Phase II at Lake Tahoe, design and construction of a skateboard park, along with continued efforts to receive input on a proposed community center will be ongoing.

The open space issue continues to move forward. As many residents may be aware, the Planning Commission recently held a series of seven workshops to take public comment on this complex issue. I believe programs, processes and options need to have all lines of communication open by providing information through the local newspaper, radio or possibly holding more community meetings.

When this article goes to print, the new Home Depot store will have opened its doors 10 days ago. The activities at the North Valley Plaza are going “full steam ahead.” With the opening of Target in October 1999 and Staples Office Supply store scheduled for completion in October 2000, shopping opportunities, along with 300-plus new jobs, have been created. These job figures only include Target and Home Depot. To provide local residents with the opportunity to pursue work in their own backyard is an asset. I do not believe there will be a huge influx of folks moving into Douglas County to become a part of this workforce.

Just this past week, the Airport Advisory Committee appointed a nine-member panel to take a look at researching a voter imposed aviation policy that has been in place since 1992. Business activities on P-51 Court continue to be looked at by interested parties. Commitments at the Meridian Business Park, Williams Ridge Technology Park and Carson Valley Business park are in motion. I believe that a synergy has been created that starts at the airport and extends out to other areas, including Gardnerville, Minden and Johnson Lane. We are even seeing new commercial development at Lake Tahoe.

The Senior Service Advisory Council is actively looking at services and activities necessary to effectively meet the needs of our senior population over the next five years.

Over the next few months, the Regional Transportation Commission (Gardnerville Town Board member Loren Orr and County Commissioners Bernie Curtis and myself) will be considering the county’s 5-year transportation and road plan. The goal of this plan is to provide funding for various transportation programs while staying within the financial constraints from existing revenue sources. Activities included in the 5-year plan are routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, rehabilitation, new construction and capacity improvements along with traffic signals, transit needs and bike/pedestrian paths and facilities. This plan has the flexibility to position revenue and target dollars to specific areas of Douglas County on a year-to-year basis.

As one of your five Douglas County Commissioners, I welcome your comments and input on any of these issues and events taking place this year. Take your pick – community center, open space, commercial development, airport activities and transportation, just to name a few. With your participation, the decision-making process is significantly enhanced.