Douglas County 4-H awards night winners |

Douglas County 4-H awards night winners

Staff Reports

Douglas County 4-H held its annual awards night ceremony on Oct. 17 with more than 225 in attendance. Members received year pins, project medals and portfolio/ recordbook awards based on their hard work and commitment to their 4-H program. Volunteers and community supporters were on hand to be honored and to share in the festivities.

The evening started off with a potluck and socializing followed by the formal awards ceremony which is planned and led by the 4-H teen leaders. A highlight of the night is the announcement of the portfolio/recordbook winners. A total of 61 entries were received this year. Portfolios contain ongoing and current years record keeping, essays and photos combined into a specific format.

The Carson Valley Kiwanis members spend an entire day judging the books and also sponsor the cash awards for the winners.

The evening concluded with the candle lighting ceremony and many door prizes followed by the end of year power point presentation with photos and music from the 4-H year (Oct. 1, 2010, to Sept. 30, 2011).

Portfolio winners received top honors in their age groups out of 61 portfolio entries. Carson Valley Kiwanis members spend an entire day judging the portfolios and also sponsor the cash prizes for the winners each year.

Cloverbud Portfolio winners (ages 5-8)

Sophie Bell

Julianne Ellis

Hailey Fournier

Morgan Jensen

Taylor Jenson

Lillie McKinney

Jamie McNelly

Dana Merriam

Ava Ramsey-Kruse

Jonathon Summers

McKenzie Raper

Zoe Yenkole

Junior Portfolio winners (ages 9-10)

Hannah Kyle 1st tie

Corley Raper1st tie

Ethan McKinney 2nd

Sunshyne Marsh 3rd tie

Emily Hillman 3rd tie

Intermediate Portfolio winners (ages 11-13)

Griffin Frensdorff 1st tie

Leah McKinney 1st tie

Caitlyn Bidart 2nd

Dominique Groffman 3rd

Senior Portfolio winners (ages 14 & up)

Cheyenne Bidart 1st

Kelsey Nalder 2nd tie

Briana Rutherdale 2nd tie

Jordyn Rutherdale 3rd

Master Of Ceremony:

Kasey Williams

Teen Award’s Night Committee:

Kayla Boldrick, Justine Cawthorne, Anabelle Davis, Leah McKinney, Briana Rutherdale,

Jordyn Rutherdale, Savanah Taylor, Kasey Williams

4-H Members Awards


*member received their Year Pin (To earn a Year Pin the 4-H member must achieve a 75% attendance at meetings, perform community service, participate in fundraising and exhibit at an event)

**member received Year Pin and Project Medal (To earn a Project Medal the member must also complete an extensive Portfolio from their 4-H year)

1st Year Members

Alexander, Jackson

Allen, Emmet

Allen, Jaelen

Andres, Alexandra*

Ashley, Megan*

Auchenbach III, Brian*

Bailey, Jenelle

Bell, Ryan**

Bell, Sophie**

Bertolone Smith,


Bodenstein, Alexander

Bodenstein, Joshua

Bonafede, Luke**

Brennan, Maureen

Chatham, Johnny

Chatham, Mackenzie

Cibulsky, Giovana

Clark, Valerri*

Cole, Kennedy*

Costa, Caitlyn*

Costarella Jr, Dominic

Costarella, Kira

Craighead, Cole

Craik, Ethan*

Craik, Mackenzie*

Crowley, Aidan*

Cullen, Amy

Cullen, William

Cunningham, Emily

Davidson, Katie

Dumas, Tanner

duPont Moore,


Elges, Jackson

Ellis, Julianne**

Evans, Dylan

Forbes, Camryn

Forbes, Cierra

Forbes, Dalton

Forbes, Hailey

Forbes, Hannah

Fournier, Faye**

Fournier, Hailey**

Francis, Joshua

Francis, Rachel

Gramelspacher, Coral

Gray, Evan

Gray, Stephanie

Grow, Kali

Harbottle, Grace*

Hargan, Kyle

Hart, Jenna

Harvey, Elizabeth

Haworth, Hunter

Hebel, Soleil

Herron, Connor

Herron, Tyler

Hickam, Lauren*

Hubbard, Tyler

Hust, Kevin

Hust, Sydney

Ispen, MacKenzie*

Jensen, Morgan**

Jensen, Taylor**

Kondo, Akira

Kruger, Gage

Kyle, Hannah

Larrabee, Anthony

Lewallen, Grace

Lewallen, Lillian

Lewallen, McKenzie**

Maddox, Natalie

Marlatt, Abby

Marsh, Sunshyne**

Martinez, Orion

McCormick, Evan

McCormick, Samuel

McGill, Denver**

McGill, Payson**

McKeon, Alex

McKeon, Danielle

McNelly, Jamie**

Mercier, Kanzis

Milby, John

Milby, Nathanael

Minor, Breidan

Minor, Chesney

Molchan, Luke

Molchan, Wyatt

Montoya, Kaleigh

Muller, Audrey*

Nalder, Corinne**

Owens, Max

Pendery, Ashley*

Pendery, Austin*

Peters, Mackenzie

Peters, Madison

Peterson Hoyos,


Pichon, Erik

Popio, Allen

Provost, Kayla

Putansu, Aubrey*

Putansu, Mae*

Reich, Geoffrey

Reich, Sidney

Rieman, Rosealee**

Ritchie, Bethany

Rogers, Cristina

Rose, Alexandria*

Rose, Laura*

Ruedy, Julia*

Ruedy, Sophia*

Schwartz, Alex

Scurich, Victoria*

Seward, Sarah

Sisk, Isaiah

Slack, Ryan

Smith, Amelia

Smith, Riley

Smuda, Robin*

Stella, Jacob

Stella, Jenna

Stella, Olivia

Stevens, Justin

Stewart, Savannah*

Summers, Jonathan**

Tanner, Bodhi

Tanner, Daisy

Taylor, Savanah**

Thomas, Kayce

Thompson, Claire*

Thompson, Sam

Thompson, Sidney*

Tuggle, Emily*

Usher, Margaret**

VanNest, Sarah**

Vaughn, Collette

Vaughn, Danielle

Vicory, Justin

Weiss, Emily*

Weiss, Maddy

Wells, Dominique

Westman, Drucilla*

Whitsun, Hayley

Wideen, Sabrina

Williams, Christopher

Williams, Nathaniel

Wolery, Maya*

Woods, Amanda*

Wyman, Rylee

Yenkole, Zoe**

Younkin, Danelle

Zajac, Madison

2nd Year Members

Aleman, Jeremy

Aleman, Lisa

Becker, Jarrod*

Becker, Keith*

BeerVan meter, Kaleb*

Billman, Elizabeth

Cannoy, Dakota

Cannoy, Madison

Carlson, Ingrid*

Cloney, Mikayla*

Curcio, Jordan

Eddings, Sarah

Estabrook, Haley*

Farthing, Cory*

Gavin, Jacob

Gilbert, Cappy

Goss, Isabel

Harbottle, Nicholas

Harmon, Raven

Hillman, Danner**

Hillman, Emily**

Hollis, Riley*

Hone, Amanda

Hunter, Tyger

Jenkins, Laurel

Jones, Katie*

Kronenberg, Faith

Laxague, Logan

Lewis, Cody**

Marlatt, Bryanna

Marlatt, Gracie

McLey, Aliza**

Merriam, Dana

Merriam, Reagan

Muller, Emily*

Patterson, Shelby*

Plante, Zayza

Raper, Corley**

Raper, McKenzie**

Reed, Gabby*

Russell, Kimberly

Smith, Emma*

Stone, Melissa*

Swart, Lindsey

Usher, Ethan**

Walters, Shaylynn

Woodgeard, Cody

3rd Year Members

Allen, Griffin

Ceglia, Cameron**

Coker, DiDiAlice

Cook, Sarah

Dieter, Laura

Hearn, Natalie*

Hedgecock, Courtney

Hone, Emily**

Jenkins, Levi

Jongsma, Emma*

Jongsma, Lee*

Jongsma, Sarah*

McKinney, Lillie**

McKown, Ian

Meglen, Katie*

Meglen, Sarah*

Miller, Brooke*

Miller, Nick*

Miller, Skylar*

Nishiguchi, Ginger

Ramsey Kruse, Ava

Ramsey Kruse, Leah**

Tierney, Imogene

Tierney, Isabella

4th Year Members

Allen, Liam

Bonafede, Grace**

Costa, Levi**

Frensdorff, Griffin**

Kimpel, Emily

Kimpel, Samantha*

Lekumberry, Etienne**

Matheson, Dylan

Metzger, Kelsey**

Metzger, Kendall**

Murphy, Savannah**

Nishiguchi, Kori

Westre, Alex*

Williams, Kasey**

5th Year Members

Billman, Connor**

Gansberg, Bailey

Godecke, Rachel**

Harmon, Rowan**

McKinney, Ethan**

McKinney, Leah**

McKown, Marshall**

McKown, Meleeah**

Murphy, Tyler*

Westre, Amy

6th Year Members

Blotter, Kelsey*

Boldrick, Kayla**

Lekumberry, Anna

Ritger, Amelia*

Gansberg, Jessa

7th Year Members

Bidart, Caitlyn**

Bidart, Cheyenne**

Groffman, Dominique**

Rutherdale, Briana**

Rutherdale, Jordyn**

Nalder, Kelsey**

8th Year Members

Cawthorne, Justine**

9th Year Members

Montana, Sierra**

Nelson, Amanda*

10th Year Members

Friesen, Brandi*

4-H Camp Teen Counselors

Montana, Sierra

Taylor, Savanah

State 4-H Discover Your Future Representatives

Boldrick, Kayla

Scurich, Victoria

State 4-H Ambassadors

Boldrick, Kayla

4-H Volunteer Project Leaders

Baking Project, Laurie Metzger, 3rd year

Beyond Gardening, Allison Ramsey 1st year , Helen Johnson 1st year

Beef Project, Lisa Lekumberry 1st year

Carson Valley Shepherds Project, Nita Vick 22 years

Cloverbuds Project, Rika McKinney 3rd year

Divine Swine Project, Skyler Zulian 4th year

Great Goats, Karen Aleman 2nd year, Lorraine Vogel 8th year

Happy Heelers Project, Melissa Nielson 1st year ,

Livestock Judging Project, Matt McKinney 5th year

Livestock Project, Renee Bidart 7th year

Science Project, Rika McKinney 3rd year, Leah McKinney Jr. Project Leader 1st Year

Scuba Project, Mark Shiflet, 2nd year, Rooster Boisseau, 2nd year, Angie Murphy, 2nd year, Shawn Murphy, 2nd year, Steven Schultz, 1st year, Theresa Schultz, 1st year

Shooting Sports, Matt McKinney, 5th year, Jim Usher, 2nd year

Sierra Riders Project, Shawna Fournier 2nd year, Michelle Harmon, 4th year

Small Animal Project, (Rabbit, Cavy & Poultry), Kristi Pease 3rd year

Speaking With Confidence Project , Steve Lewis, 15th year

Teen Leadership, Adrienne Sawyer, staff member 4 years

Teen Sewing Project, Heather Nelson, 7th year

Friends of 4-H (4-H supporters of 2010-11)

Accolades Trophies

Sylvia Arnett

Barbara Byington

Benson’s Feed and Tack

Mary Ellen Conaway

Frederick Dressler

Carl & Marilyn Malkmus

Patricia Ramsey

Chet & Janet Wass

A Wildflower

Ace Hardware

Aladdin Flowers & Gifts

Bently Agrowdynamics

Big Daddy’s Cycles

Cafe Girasole

Steve Nalder, Carson Valley Chukar Club

Carson Valley Inn

Carson Valley Kiwanis

Len Frueh, Carson Valley United Methodist Church

Pete Nelson, Carson Valley United Methodist Church

PTO CC Meneley Elementary School

Dance Workshop

Fred Stodieck, DC Farm Bureau

Charlie Cryderman, Dicks Fuller Obrien Paint

Douglas County Parks & Recreation

East Fork Fire and Paramedic District

Eastern Sierra Feed & Farm

Floral Floral Vineyard

Full Circle Compost

Dr. Marty Gardner, Great Basin Equine

Dr. Brian Peck, Great Basin Equine

Joe Benigno’s Tree Service

JT Basque Bar & Dining Room

Lakeside Inn

Laxague Feed

Melvin’s Carwash

Trimmer Outpost

Nevada Division of Forestry

Friends of the NRA, Northern Nevada Chapter

Nyles Rothfus, NWMA

Papa Murphy’s Pizza


Record Courier

Russell’s Mercantile

Dave Nelson

Tom Peters

Topaz Sage Hens

Safeway-Zephyr Cove


Sierra Rose Florist

Soaring NV

Sorenson’s Resort

Sun King Window Tinting

Tahoe Ridge Winery & Marketplace