Don’t join gangs |

Don’t join gangs


Gang Resistance Education and Training. Why would someone be interested in being in a gang?

What would one have to do, pay dues to join the “club”? Does someone have to be a certain age to join a gang? What about location? Does someone have to live in a certain neighborhood to join? Does someone have to be of a specific ethnic group to be part of a gang? What about class? Does someone have to come from a rich or poor family in order to be in a gang?

Maybe some of these are questions you might have asked yourself. Or even why would you want to subject yourself to that kind of life, the stares from other people or the loss of a good friend.

Power, power of knowing that your gang friends have your back you can take out anybody you want and no one can stop you. That’s kind of naive thinking because, yes, they have your back until they get mad at you or something you did and take you out. Peer pressure is extremely powerful. One can be pressured into being part of a gang, taking part in graffiti. Unfortunately, peer pressure can turn a good kid who just wants to be “cool” and fit “in”into a criminal. One that takes drugs, steals and is now estranged from his family and old friends. Respect, yeah maybe you might eventually get a certain amount of it from some of the younger kids. They might even look up to you. But, when you are by yourself away from your gang friends how can you really respect yourself, when you look at the destruction of property, or the harm to innocent people. The disrespectful way you treat others. What about the ones you have even killed or you were part of the crime. That person lying on the ground could be you next time. So do you think its worth it? Yeah, so you say you got away with it no one will ever know. That’s where you are just kidding yourself. Someone always knows, so when is the bomb going to drop? It will eat at you until you think your going crazy. So, do some drugs, then you don’t have to think about the way you live. Now you steal a little more so you can pay for the drugs that help you forget the life you are living. With all of the new scientific things the police have today, you can be guaranteed if you do a crime, you will be caught. That is a fact. At nineteen you are technically still a teenager, but the way you have chosen to live your life you feel like 40.

Gangs … Don’t Do It. Live your life don’t just go through the motion. Be healthy, be happy, be safe.

Savannah EnEarl