Don’t have to follow the bull |

Don’t have to follow the bull

We made a decision.

It looks like Ireland out here with all the different shades of green around. Feed growing everywhere, even in the sandiest of our soils. Grass is growing heavy along the ditches running on either side of the front lane. Not wanting to waste any grass and seeing our cattle were incredibly fat already for late spring we decided to put them on the lane for a few days. Eating down the grass along the front lane would help clean out the ditches for summer irrigation and put the cattle on a short slimming program.

Cattle in general do not like slimming diets. Bulls only like to do whatever they want to do. Bulls will try any way they can to get what they want. Their size gives them an advantage over most things. Like fences, trees, people, posts, horses, ropes and gates. And if you only have one bull like we do he has no other bulls to fight with to take his mind off fighting with things. Therefore he gives it his all.

Somehow during the night while grazing down the lane our bull managed to lift the gates off the posts at the end of the lane, which keeps the cattle from the public road. When I arrived back at the ranch after a meeting up at Tahoe well after dark the gates were closed and chained shut as I had left them earlier so I did not suspect a thing.

When I walked into the house my cattle business partner said he had been told our bull had lifted the lane’s gates off their posts. Which would allow our cattle to get out on the road at night. A terrible idea. The bull did not realize the consequences of his actions. Fortunately there was a quick response from those who were paying attention to move the cattle back down the lane and replace the gate. That is why I suspected nothing

In the morning after the cattle gate ruckus, the man who leaves his coffee cups all over my house went to see how the bull managed to open and/or lift off two metal gates chained shut.

There were no obvious signs of how the bull managed his maneuver. The coffee drinker proceeded to intently tap many new screws into the metal gateposts hopefully to stop future calamities.

Knowing the bull’s tenacity, I asked the coffee drinker if he was sure simple bolts even though they were incredibly strong and honest would suffice since we didn’t even know how the bull managed to lift off the gates.

“No matter how the bull did it the first time,” the coffee drinker said. “Now it would require a wrench. So, we just wont give the bull a wrench.”

I laughed full-heartedly agreeing not to give the bull a wrench.

And I don’t want to give our dangerously preforming president more tools either. He is running amok. Decide to eliminate legislatures that follow him. Don’t put your head down and abdicate your responsibility in an open honest government. We don’t have to follow a big oaf down a dark and dangerous road.

Marie Johnson is a Carson Valley rancher.