Don’t bogart medical marijuana |

Don’t bogart medical marijuana

A proposal to allow Nevada’s marijuana dispensaries to use up their stock to serve recreational users does a disservice to those users who rely on them for their supply.

At issue is a challenge by the state’s liquor distributors, who feel they’ve been left out by lawmakers rushing to get Nevada’s recreational marijuana up and running after the passage of an initiative last November.

Carson City District Judge James Wilson ruled last week that only licensed alcohol purveyors may be issued a license to distribute marijuana for the first 18 months the law is in effect.

The Nevada Taxation Department plans to issue licenses for retailers, cultivators, product makers and testing labs.

However, the department said medical dispensaries issued retail licenses for recreational marijuana will be able to sell any inventory they have to the pubic starting on July 1, which is Saturday.

We think that’s a bad plan.

It will be enough of a stampede at those dispensaries as it is, without people who are actually using marijuana for medical purposes to have to wade through the masses of recreational users.

While medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to restock unaffected by Wilson’s ruling, we still feel the key word here is “medical,” which certainly implies a need.

Priority should be given to Nevada’s medical marijuana users, who’ve had to wait for years to get the infrastructure in place now, only to find recreational users bogarting the line.