Don’t base employment on politics |

Don’t base employment on politics


I read with interest the letter from Bradley J. Fiene regarding the use of the Springboard curriculum in the Douglas County schools. I am unfamiliar with the Springboard curriculum and so am unable to comment on its liberal views. I do, however, take exception to Mr. Fiene’s comment regarding not hiring anyone with liberal values, since I am a person with liberal political views and values.

I have lived in many different areas of this country, and I have been taught by both liberals and conservatives. I have been active in the work community in Carson City and Carson Valley for the past 30 years in both the private and public sectors. My employers have been both conservative and liberals. My political views neither impact my work ethic, nor the manner in which I perform my job duties. I treat all people with respect, and perform my duties to the absolute best of my abilities. I was taught that these are the traits that lead to success, not my political affiliation or my cultural and social values.

Many of my coworkers, friends and relatives are politically conservative, and we enjoy exchanging viewpoints on various issues. Unlike Mr. Fiene, I have been taught to appreciate diverse viewpoints of all people, and to find their views and cultural differences enriching. I am disappointed that any American employer would limit employment opportunities to those who only share his views.

April Burchett

Carson City