Dollar-foolish |


Letter to Editor


I would like to answer Bernie Benz’s letter to The Record-Courier of Feb. 3. I believe he is short-sighted, pennywise and dollar-foolish in being against the expansion of exercise equipment at the Carson Valley Swim Center.

The increase of a few machiens will certainly not put the nearby private fitness club out of business. The present number of machines can be counted on one hand and most users of the swim center would certainly welcome an increase. My wife and I continually use the machines as well as the pools. As a senior, I ski, do cross country, snowshoe, swim and lift weights at the swim center. Mr. Benz would have us coming out of the pool and then going over to the fitness club for the weight training.

My wife and I use the machines several times a week. We find that swimming and weight training go in hand-in-hand and we commend the person or group that put them together at the swim center. Many colleges, fitness clubs and swim centers combine pools and exercise weuipment and are not one-minded as Mr. Benz is.

What is most important is that I see many seniors as well as young people using Mr. Benz’s unwanted exercise equipment. This extension is a welcome plus to the Carson Valley Swim Center. I’m sure this small addition will be useful and not break the tax base of the community as Mr. Benz alludes.

Harold Zaroff


Feb. 3