Doing a great job |

Doing a great job


Tired of being disappointed, discouraged and flustered about the running of your vehicle, as well as being told about natural characteristics of how your car runs after a certain amount of miles.

I believe that the manufacturer designed a vehicle to run properly, so you shouldn’t use words like “natural characteristic” to refer to something wrong with it.

So if you still feel flustered, let me tell you about a find. You’ve tried the rest, now in my opinion try one of the best.

It’s Douglas Radiator & Auto Air, 1467 Southgate Drive, Gardnerville. Owner Tim Hinkle (775) 782-9457.

The name doesn’t come close to the ability of workmanship these young technicians are capable of doing.

Yes, their specialty is radiators and auto air conditioning, but they do ever so much more. They even do lube and oil changes, and many more repairs. I wonder how many places use their own services for repair. So why not take it to them in the first place? I’ve written this because I want to share the find for everyone out there who is flustered like I was. In my opinion stop playing Russian-roulette with your vehicle. I did.

These technicians are young and very knowledgeable and eager to show you. So give them a call and stop your frustration. “Try them, you’ll like them.” I call them “Once & Done.” I’ve lived in the Valley now for more than 25 years. These are my feelings, as well as my experience, and is my opinion.

Dave Mercurio