Dog on the loose |

Dog on the loose

Sandie Draper


I, my family, and neighbors are heartsick about a small male Chihuahua dog that has been running around our Johnson Lane area neighborhood for about two weeks. He has on a black T-shirt with the words “Small, Cute, Lovable.” We fear that he is a drop-off, as no-one has reported him missing to animal control. He is so skittish that none of the neighbors has been able to earn his trust; he keeps his distance.

Without shelter, he will not survive the coming cold weather or the coyotes, whichever comes first. Neighbors all around this area have tried to befriend him and would find shelter for him if they were able to get close enough or could coax him into any enclosure, but he resists all attempts. My hope is that this small animal’s owner/family will see this letter and come for him.

As the weather gets colder his chances of surviving become slimmer. He is in the area of Downs and Fuller.

Editor’s Note: Douglas County Animal Control is working on catching the dog.