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Disrespect to the dead


On Aug. 2, 2013, an incident on the Dresslerville Colony occurred which included at least three different sites. All in close proximity but three different addresses concerning the scattering of the cremated ashes of Mrs. Linda Crawford.

My deep concern is for the disrespect, not only shown by the offender who is now serving a 29-month jail sentence imposed by the Washoe Tribal Court for his offense(s), but the Washoe Tribal Police as well. An extremely troubling concern is the manner in which the Tribal Police Department left the scenes.

Leaving the cremated remains of Mrs. Linda Crawford scattered from the home of Randall Crawford, on the road to the Senior Center, ashes scattered throughout the Senior Center parking lot, on down the road in front of the David James residence.

After being informed of the incident on Aug. 2, 2013, I went to the Senior Center, the road in front of Randall Crawford’s home, and the road in front of David James home. I observed what appeared to be ashes scattered in these areas and was told they were the cremated ashes of Mrs. Linda Crawford.

On Aug. 4, 2014, I returned to see the “ashes” were still there, unknowingly being walked over, ridden over by children’s bikes, and driven over with our cars. Most people, especially Washoe, are taught to respect the deceased.

I was distraught and appalled at this horrendous disrespect by the Washoe Tribal Police.

To leave a scene without securing the human remains in an appropriate manner is the epitome of disrespect.

This leads me to once again question the integrity, professionalism, respect and cultural sensitivity Capt. Richard Varner has.

I once again make a formal complaint and request a full investigation of Capt. Varner and his ability to safely and satisfactorily direct the police officers under his direction.

Randall Crawford is a Washoe Tribal Elder and could not be expected to retrieve the ashes by himself.

I assume the “Protect and Serve” motto the police say they have trained for should have been adhered to. The sadness and anguish such thoughtlessness potentially caused Randy is hard to imagine.

I went to the home of Benny Fillmore and asked him if he could go and respectfully retrieve the ashes.

Benny Fillmore and Richard Sallee took the necessary steps to honor and respect deceased Linda Crawford according to Randy’s wishes.

Lloyd Wyatt and I went to the Senior Center and observed Benny and Richard retrieving the ashes.

Lloyd Wyatt spoke to the two men, I did not.

As mentioned, the offender is in jail.

What are the consequences for the disrespect shown by Washoe Tribe Police Department and their captain?

Andrea James BigGoose