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Dismayed by all-day kindergarten


I was dismayed at the Douglas County School Board’s decision to implement all-day kindergarten. The Nevada State curriculum for kindergarten includes identifying shapes, colors, basic addition, and reading among other things. This curriculum certainly is not so demanding that it cannot be learned in a four hour school day after 180 calendar days. I believe the best place for a child to learn at five years old is in a home with a loving mother and father. A better way to help teach a child is to have half day kindergarten with half of the classmates. This would allow more individualized attention. I see the elimination of half-day kindergarten in favor of all-day kindergarten as a proclamation by the government that it can do a better job than you of raising your children. For some, government may do a better job, but capable parents are forced to give up their freedom to choose how their kids will spend the day. Of course, many parents will cheer this new policy of all-day kindergarten as it provides “free day care.” While debating this item to a coworker he proclaimed “I am for free all-day day care (not education).” When government proclaims that something is free, it is either taken from those who have or borrowed. This is another example of expanding government taking away our freedom while many cheer and applaud progress.

Erik Nilssen