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Discarding beliefs for facts


Once again, we are blessed by the thoughts of prolific writer, William Barwig. In his article of May 8 titled, “King George the Socialist” he expounds his need for freedom. Freedom from socialism, gun-grabbers, and mysterious government armies that have been sent out to take away his liberties. We should be truly honored to have such a protectionist of our liberties.

Mr. Barwig, further states, there are, “Swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.” The only substance eaten and harassed, are the facts. From his extreme ideology, Mr. Barwig changes history and creates a socialist of King George. I believe Mr. Barwig and the late Sen. Joe McCarthy looked under the same rock in their determination to find a socialist, as well as a communist.

In this day and age, it’s so easy to discard facts for one’s extreme ideological beliefs. Mr. Barwig feels “We are being controlled in every aspect of our life, and that unknown people are protected by security and armed guards to protect themselves from the rest of us.” Therefore, if they take away our 2nd Amendment rights and grab our guns, we will not be able to protect ourselves against this unknown government army.

The frightening aspect of Mr. Barwig’s convoluted writing comes from his extreme thoughts, indicating a distaste to live under any government and thrives on ideologies that can only exist on an isolated, anarchistic island.

Harold Zaroff