Devil is in the detail |

Devil is in the detail

Record-Courier editorial

Douglas County leaders have just over a week to finish a ballot question that could affect the community for the next 100 years, and probably beyond.

Why, then, isn’t more known about what they want to do and how they want to do it?

For more than a year, workshops have been held and strategies have been brainstormed. A potential implementation plan now circulating lists potential policies and methods for accomplishing the ultimate goal: preventing the paving of the open fields and corridors that make Douglas County Nevada’s garden spot.

But the plan obviously isn’t making the rounds faster than the rumors that could kill it are. Even as county leaders laud the document as a good start that just needs more fine-tuning, Minden town leaders are raising the very questions it purports to answer and others are wondering if the ballot question is a realistic goal, considering it needs to be finished by July 17.

Complicating the situation is an accompanying open space management plan. While the entire plan doesn’t have to be done by July 17, the parts that will be affected by the ballot question do.

County leaders rightfully want to disseminate as much information about the plan as they can. But by racing the clock and issuing a new draft of the plan every other week, they’re raising the odds that voters will become disillusioned and reject the question outright.

Commissioners Steve Weissinger, Kelly Kite and Don Miner are right when they say the plan should be made in its own time, with serious deliberation and plenty of time to ask and answer questions.

All the information in the world won’t make a difference if it doesn’t get to the Douglas County voters who will make the final decision.