Delayed response |

Delayed response

Letter to the EDITOR:

I apologize for being so tardy in responding to Ms. Judy Kohz’s letter to the editor (published July 6 edition). Ms. Kohz was taking Commissioner Steve Weissinger to task in a manner that we all should take umbrage with.

To compare any of our elected officials with the Enron, WorldCom or Xerox officials currently under investigation is libel and slander, in my opinion. To evoke mistrust by accusing county staff of “Taking a page from the Arthur Anderson accounting handbook” is yet another slight that someone obviously aware of current events, but lacking in true ammunition and common courtesy, might employ.

Although I am not a county commissioner, nor a member of the county staff, I will gladly take a shot at answering Ms. Kohz’s many questions and accusations.

First off, Judy, if you really do want to know projected costs of infrastructure and services for new growth, why not contact the county offices and see what they are currently charging builders for those very items. Or perhaps you want to know bad enough to contact the Building Industry Association, or is it just easier to cast aspersions and accusations?

Next, I think Steve Weissinger did a great job of addressing the costs associated with a growing county. He was very explicit in covering the budget, its increase for the coming year, where we get the money and the assessed value of our property, from which we pay a portion thereof….at a much lower rate than other counties, as Steve so adroitly pointed out.

I can’t help you with your distaste of the odor of the sewer plant. A lot of us chose not to live there, opting for some distance from the problem. Weren’t you aware of the plant’s proximity to your property when you purchased your home? Did you know the plant was there long before someone built a housing tract in the vicinity? And if you bought one of those homes, do you realize that the builder of that home is quite probably one that you want to put out of business with your 280 growth cap?

By the way, if I’m not mistaken, your quoted growth rate of 4.84 percent, is I believe, a ten year average. This average incorporates the year 1994, which saw a growth rate of over 17 percent. If you use a much more fair average of the last five years, which truly reflects the work of our current county commissioners, you’d find an average growth figure of right around 3 percent, the very same amount as the Carson City/County growth cap. I won’t address how over 5,000 people were duped into signing a petition with threats and innuendoes. I will however, invite all those with like concerns to try working through the system already in place, rather than trying to push their private agenda through the ballot box.

In closing, surely you jest at suggesting that the commissioners “get to work and implement a capital improvement program, as called for by the master plan, and pay for it.” Unless of course, you can tell them and the rest of us where to get the money…or did you want a tax increase for that too?

Rick Campbell Gardnerville

Aug. 2