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Definition of news

You’d think it would be easy to prognosticate a year dubbed 2020.

But even with 2020 vision, figuring out what’s going to happen over the next year is beyond the range of any crystal ball we’ve got.

There are a lot of different irons in the fire, and they are glowing red hot.

For one thing, two local petitions are seeking to place previous county commissioner decisions on the November ballot.

Redevelopment Agency No. 2, which is supposed to help fund a year-round events center at Stateline is the topic of the more senior petition. The development agreement capping the Park deal with the county at 2,500 homes is the other.

Both petitions are being backed by supporters of candidates who’ve announced they’re running for county commission next year. An easy prediction is those races will be decided by Republicans in June, but that’s like predicting the wind’s going to blow on any given day.

Will Douglas County commissioners suddenly decide to give marijuana a “green light” here? We would bet against that happening, but like so many other things we have no idea what will actually occur.

We think the Tiregate grand jury finishing its work in the coming year is an excellent bet, but whether jurors will bring indictments in the case is a whole other wager.

We’re totally betting that Douglas County’s actual population counted by the U.S. Census will be a big surprise.

We don’t have that many gauges of population here, but one is the number of registered voters, which cracked 40,000 for the first time in history. We’ll be quite surprised if it doesn’t climb a bit higher.

We delve into the past issues of The Record-Courier regularly, and one thing we can say for certain is that looking back, nothing is really certain, and that’s why it’s called news.