Dec. 31, 2020, Letters to the Editor |

Dec. 31, 2020, Letters to the Editor

The good news about 2020 is that the sun continues to rise.
John Flaherty/Special to The R-C

Get involved in community


Politics seems to be something I can’t escape. When I was trying to relax and get more involved in community service, people kept saying “Your article in The Record-Courier was great, but, how come you didn’t get more angry? You should get more angry.” 

I explained that I’m not angry. I’m disappointed and worried about the future of our county.

The fact that people believed the misinformation campaign from the last year is troubling.

I truly hope that Republicans with morals and ethics become more involved in their party. If they don’t, we’ll never be told the truth about any of the problems we face.

Instead, we’ll get more of what we got in this election: Two moral, ethical Republican gentlemen were subjected to an organized character assassination. Larry Walsh is an intelligent, thoughtful gentleman who spent the time required to be a fair-minded commissioner. His decisions were designed to be fair while guiding us into the future. Nathan Tolbert is a civic-minded ethical man, who wasn’t able to get his common sense message out to the people. If you ever meet him, you’ll see that he would have studied all sides to come to an ethical decision on all issues. I’m sure that I don’t agree with them on all issues, but I know that they would have worked out fair compromises that were equitable.

No, I’m not angry. I am disappointed. I’m also serious about being involved in a group that demands the truth from our elected officials. If you are interested in meeting to discuss organizing a “Truth in Government Committee,” please contact me at 775-309-5056 or 

Charles Holt


Save our horses


I want to comment on the “Horses” story recently in The Record-Courier. Specifically Kimberly Dow’s comment on providing water to the horses “indicates they are not a self-sustaining population.” Following that logic we should cancel The Endangered Species Act as the creatures involved are apparently not self sustaining. Also, following her logic, she is not self sustaining as she produces no food or water and is fully dependent on sustenance provided by others. I suspect that the cattle ranchers would agree with her so more grazing is available for them. The horses graze on my lawn and drink my bird baths and I enjoy their presence very much. Support the horses.

Ron Savinski

Fish Springs

Thanks for the parades


I would like to thank all those wonderful folks that organized and participated in the “Informal Parade of lights” the last couple of weeks. 

We consider ourselves very blessed to live in this community with such great folks as those who give unconditionally. 

Donna Werner

Gardnerville Ranchos