Dec. 13 Letters to the Editor |

Dec. 13 Letters to the Editor

Members and guests of the Carson Valley Lions Club shopped for gifts for Project Santa Claus. Thanks goes out to the Gardnerville Walmart store for supporting the shopping event and to Hamdogs Restaurant for providing the venue for wrapping the gifts.
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Thanks for successful Turkey Trot


The Carson Valley Community Food Closet held its second annual Turkey Trot this past Thanksgiving and partnered again this year with Douglas Animal Welfare Group. Volunteers from both organizations were thrilled to welcome over 500 participants in this year’s Turkey Trot and raised over $15,000 to be split between both organizations. This event would not have been a success without the hard work of the volunteers lead by Denise Banes, Food Closet manager, and Casey McClain, vice president of DAWG. A special thank you to Joey Crandall of Carson Valley Medical Center for hosting our race packet pickups, as well as a water station at the event; Kaia FIT Minden coaches Debra Garner, Natalie Pitts, Melissa Smit and Gulya Alexander for leading our event warm up; and Bill Hart from the Food Closet for always going above and beyond to ensure we are up and running. Community members Connie Billington, Lori Paxton, Anne Hamm, Jim Mitchell, Jim and Deanna Abbott also worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this event.

Our community partners included Carson Valley Medical Group, Carson Valley Veterinarian, Coleman Electric Company, Cynfully Essential Oils, The Historian Inn, In Plain Sight Marketing, Intero Real Estate, JCP Enterprises, Jethros Bar & Grill, Kaia FIT Minden, Marcie’s Window Fashions, McDonalds, Novus Auto Glass, Overland Bar & Restaurant, Parigini Orthodontics, Re|Max Realty, Sierra View Equipment, Stor-All, Inc, and Ticor Title Co.

For those interested in the Turkey Trot participant results, please visit the Facebook pages of Carson Valley Community Food Closet and D.A.W.G.

Happy Holidays,

Jacie Peters

CVC Food Closet Board Secretary

CV Turkey Trot Chairperson

Do things right the first time


Unless we first need to witness a handful of traffic-related deaths, it seems reasonable to assume the proposed 187-home development on Muller Lane will necessitate a traffic signal at the Highway 395/Muller intersection.

As such, it’s a shame that a bypass option, accessible at that location, was recently limited in scope, essentially eliminating an efficient secondary route through downtown. I suppose downtown Minden/Gardnerville can handle an additional 1,000 trips per day from this development, but is that what we want? And how many more future developments will be created that will funnel traffic through downtown?

You don’t have to look very far to see the headaches Carson Valley could be creating for itself by being short-sighted in its urban planning. How much money did Sparks spend to eminent domain and widen Pyramid Way because of the traffic from the Spanish Springs development? How irritating was it to spend 40 minutes driving through Carson City to get to Reno, prior to the I-580 bypass? Just wait until the next time one or two of the lanes downtown are closed for road maintenance, with virtually no reasonable alternate route.

None of this sounds attractive, but it appears to be the environment currently being fostered.

I hope I’m just an uninformed citizen on this, and that the urban planners, county commissioners, town managers, engineers, and developers have this all figured out. I hope I’m just not seeing the whole picture and there’s more to the story. But, if they don’t have it figured out, and there isn’t more to the story, it’s we the citizens who will be stuck with not only the headache, but the bill to fix a problem that should have never been allowed to exist.

As our community grows (and like it or not, it’s going to keep growing), I hope we’re accommodating a plan of sustainable and responsible growth. There’s something to be said about doing things right the first time. Urban alterations don’t come cheap, just ask our neighbors to the north.

Jason Martin