Deal with Carson not a bad idea |

Deal with Carson not a bad idea

Record Courier Staff Reports

Generally we are suspicious of offers extended by the capital to work together, but we agree that the present competition over business development is getting out of hand.

There has been a long rivalry between Carson and Douglas, starting the day old Abe Curry decided lots in Genoa were too expensive and decided to build his own town in Eagle Valley.

We all know that Nevada’s original seat of government was in Genoa, but that it was moved to Carson City in some sort of shady deal.

A century and a half later, the biggest sports rivalry in Western Nevada is between Carson and Douglas. Issues ranging from water to who fixed Clear Creek have occasionally become points of contention between the two counties.

But the thing that has sparked the greatest acrimony is no doubt the economic rivalry between the two.

Put Costco up against Wal-Mart, the expansion of the Casino Fandango against the Max Baer’s project and what you have is an escalating border war.

We realize it will probably require an act of the Legislature to legitimize cooperation, but in the meantime, there is no reason the two counties can’t share information.

Economic cooperation can only help both counties in a world where big businesses play one municipality off another and marketing moguls overlook us in favor of Reno and Tahoe.

Perhaps if Genoans had been more generous with old Abe, neither Carson nor Douglas would have a hatchet to bury today.