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Dancing for dollars

We’re glad to see folks interested in raising money are willing to dance for those dollars.

Maybe it’s because Carson Valley didn’t have very good television reception until the mid-1980s and Carson Valley residents had to make their own fun.

But events like Mr. DHS and Gotta Dance are fun reminders that raising money doesn’t have to be a chore.

Heck, dancing has long been part of the means folks have used to help come up with money for the public good.

Genoa’s Candy Dance started out tripping the light fantastic 94 years ago. That’s when people found that if you were willing to put on a show, make some food and just have a good time, they could attract a crowd more than willing to pass the hat.

Such fundraisers of old, like the Lions’ Great Manure sale, managed to garner national attention just by selling poop. Project Santa Claus and the Drive-By Food Drive are classic examples of neighbors getting together to help others, and having a good time doing it.

In these days of 24-hour news and social media dominance, it’s nice to know that occasionally people get out of their houses and share a common goal of helping someone.

Whether it’s a dance, or a murder mystery, a craft fair or a yard sale, a barbecue or a feast, Carson Valley residents enthusiastically engage in fundraising.

So here’s to keeping a beat in the name of good works.

Keep dancing like nobody’s watching, Carson Valley.