Current board is right |

Current board is right


As a concerned citizen and resident of Indian Hills General Improvement District I became aware of some issues being misrepresented by new candidates that are very misleading, and contrary to what is, and has actually occurred in the IHGID over the past 2-1/2 years.

I have observed that the current board has been “watching the store” more than any board in recent history. They have hired a top notch manager, Jim Taylor, to actually manage the district and its employees, and to ensure total accountability in every aspect of its daily operation. That is what is finally happening now!

IHGID in the recent past had various board meeting documented issues that bordered on questionable practices for both managing the budget and employee compensation. That is no longer the case! The current board and Mr. Taylor, along with a recently hired top notch CPA, are watching over the finances of the district and have additionally hired a new auditing firm that has consistently advised them they are now on the right track. Financial integrity and solvency are so important to running the district.

The current board now has it right, so why reverse that accountability trend and go backward to bring back old problems?

The federal arsenic mandate forced the board to re-look at rates and to then raise them in order to get a new water pipeline (rather than treat the arsenic at their own plant for $3.5 million) that will ultimately save over $2 million in expense. The new project bonding will now save IHGID almost $200,000 in interest over the life of that loan. Part of the reason for the recent water rate increase was not just the arsenic issue, but historically, former boards have not increased fees and have not managed funds well enough to ensure agency solvency and total accountability. It took the recent board over 2-1/2 years to just get through the fiscal “muddle” they inherited. Now there are checks and balances in place to ensure full accountability of taxpayer dollars.

So the insinuation that no one is minding the store is baseless.

There is a board minding the store and a great general manager insisting on full accountability, finally. The IHGID taxpayers need to know this.

Kathryn Clark-Ross

Indian Hills