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Court reporters week

EDITOR:I just learned that Feb. 17-24 has been declared National Court Reporter & Captioner Week in the U.S. Highlighting the work of this profession is important. I’m proud to have been a court reporter for over 40 years. Like my colleagues, I have captured the verbatim record for the judicial system in murder trials, corruption trials and large corporate lawsuits. Court reporters owe allegiance to neither side in litigation, and record history without bias. While other countries rely on summaries of the proceedings or minutes taken by the judges or attorneys, in the U.S. we have impartial court reporters who write every spoken word.By harnessing the latest technological advances, court reporters now use their skill to provide captioning services for the country’s 40 million deaf or hard-of-hearing people. Whether it is the broadcasting of a television program, or in a local county commission meeting, or in the classroom of a local university, people with hearing loss can now have access to every word in written form because of captioning. From the work of ancient scribes to the state-of-the-art computerized court reporter/captioner, we have been the silent witnesses and guardians of history. I’m glad that Congress now recognizes that.Karen YatesMinden